Note Symptoms of Heart Attack

Heart problems were known as a disease of the men but, now, it is getting more common in women as well. It is observed that when a patient gets pain in chest or left arm, they relate it to heart problem, but they are not the only symptoms of it. The symptoms differ in different people.

The following are also the symptoms of a heart attack, which are ignored by people.

Problem of Digestive System/ Nausea:-

The problems of the digestive system and stomach pain are the symptoms of heart attack. But they are only considered as abdominal diseases. Vomiting, nausea, food digestion problem, etc can be the starting of a heart attack.
Pain in the jaws, ears, neck or shoulders:-

The pain, which suddenly arises in arms, shoulders and chest, can be the sign of heart attack, but it is not necessary that every patient must have this pain before a heart attack.
Sometimes, patient feel that his pain is moving from one position to another. He cannot understand why he has that pain and exactly where he has it. One day, patient suffers from pain in jaws, next day, in shoulders and so on. If this ever happens, do let your doctor know about it.


If you feel exhausted from quite a long time, and feels pain in various parts of the body, then probably there are the chances that you will have a heart attack.

Difficulty in Taking Breath/ Giddiness:-

When heart does not get enough amount of blood then it also does not get the amount of oxygen it needs. In addition, when, the quantity of oxygen is less than usual, and then it results in difficulty in taking breaths. Along with it, the patients feels headache and can become unconscious as well.

Swelling or Pain in Legs:-

When the heart muscles do not perform their work well, then the intestines do not discharge the waste product and it remains in the body, which causes swelling in legs and feet. As these parts are away from the heart, they cannot get the proper amount of blood. So, patient feels strong pain.

Sleeping Problem:-

Less sleeping is also the sign of heart attack. If you never had any sleeping problem before, but for some time you cannot sleep well, then do let your doctor know about it.

Fast Heartbeat Rate:-

When heart beat rate suddenly increases, then it can be the signal of a heart attack.


When special organs stop working or you cannot feel them, then probably you are going to have a heart attack soon. If your family has heart problems, then any minor change in your body can be the signal of a serious issue. Do not ignore them. Regular checkups can save your life from any damage in the future.

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